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Healing Through Sacred Art

National Catholic Register’s article written by Stephen Beale is a testament to the powerful tool sacred art serves in drawing us closer to the Truth. The article begins in Chicago with Joe Malham, a member of St. Gregory the Great’s Artists in Residence program. Through the program, Malham has access to studio space and has painted numerous murals chronicling salvation history, turning the church into its own “homegrown Sistine Chapel.”

The idea, Malham says, arose out of a tragedy: A parishioner’s wife died while pregnant with twins. ‘Her loss was transformed into a vision to create a chapel of healing and meditation for families of all faiths who have lost children.’

Continue reading to hear the story of a Phoenix muralist’s conversion to Catholicism.

Both stories highlight the profound impact sacred art can have on a person and a community.

How has sacred art impacted you?

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