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The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart of Jesus with Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Saint Louis Gonzaga.
José de Páez, Mexico. Circa 1770. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

I always find it interesting to hear the process, thoughts and meaning behind a piece of artwork. We see a piece in its completion but often forget the subtle details and thoughtful intentions of each line drawn. Artist Daniel Mitsui allows us to enter into this creative process by describing his drawing of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He explains his use of color, shapes, words and symbols. Most interesting was his use of certain animals around the halo of Jesus:

“In the animals chosen here, I see symbols of universality; they represent all of creation worshipping its God. Chameleons are creatures that seem to contain within themselves all colors, and lyrebirds are creatures that seem  to contain within themselves all sounds.” 

A beautiful thought and something that might otherwise go unnoticed in the sea of colors and lines before our eyes.

If you are interested in learning more, you can read this article from Loyola Press about the Sacred Heart:

The physical heart of Jesus is the symbol of the total love of Jesus, divine and human.

Quite a task for an artist!

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