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  • Lion
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    Roaring with Laughter

    Source: ChurchPOP -- If you need a good laugh, check out these attempts at painting lions. The lion is a symbol commonly used to represent St. Mark. You've probably seen them in paintings before. But, have you seen these?

    On August 18, 2018
  • Cardinal John Henry Newman
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    The Art of Vestments

    Source: Liturgical Arts Journal -- Vestments, or the liturgical garments worn by clergy, are often times overlooked as art forms within churches. Shawn R. Tribe discusses the importance of "investing" in vestments that are worthy of leaving a legacy and being passed down for years to come.

    On August 17, 2018
  • Symbolism 0

    Meaning of Colors in Christian Art

    Source: Aleteia -- Colors used in Christian art can have profound meaning. Philip Kosloski discusses 5 different colors: black, brown, green, red and white and the symbolism they have in Christian art.

    On September 26, 2017
  • Vatican 0

    Vatican’s Korea Exhibit: A Message of Peace

    Source: Catholic News Agency -- The Vatican has a new exhibit highlighting the Korean Catholic Church. Hannah Brockhaus provides a brief history of the Korean Catholic Church, highlighting its growth despite persecution, and the exhibit's message of peace.

    On September 21, 2017
  • Mont Saint Michel
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    The Placement of Mont Saint-Michel

    Source: Aleteia -- Mont Saint-Michel is an abbey in Normandy, France. To Bishop Robert Barron it is located on the edge of the world. As Bishop Barron writes, "The mountain itself, and then the architecture piled so exquisitely on top of it, draw the viewer’s eyes up and up, beyond this world."

    On August 14, 2017
  • Cathedral of St. Matthew
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    360 Tour of Cathedral of St. Matthew

    Source: Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle-- Check out this 360 tour of the Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle in Washington, DC. The online tour also includes explanations of various artwork within the Cathedral.

    On August 4, 2017
  • calligraphy
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    Love in Calligraphy

    Source: Ascension Presents -- This video shares the incredibly moving story of designer and calligrapher, Erica Tighe. When wondering whether she was really doing God's will, she describes how her spiritual director told her: "God's will is just for you to love, so can you love in your art?"

    On August 4, 2017
  • stack books
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    Courses & Master’s Degree in Sacred Art

    Source: Catholic Exchange -- Pontifex University offers online courses and a Master's degree in Sacred Art. You can learn more about the program by listening to this podcast where David Clayton, Provost of Pontifex University, describes the program and the importance of combining the study of art, theology and philosophy.

    On August 2, 2017
  • Michelangelo
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    Michelangelo Studied Cadavers?!

    Source: Catholic Bytes -- This podcast featuring Father Corey Tufford discusses the life of Michelango and his birth as an artist. At one point in his life, he actually studied cadavers to better understand the human body. The podcast describes other events that shaped him artistically and serves as a nice primer on the life of this very famous artist.

    On July 3, 2017

Sacred Art Scene Originals

  • CAG Conference
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    Mending the “Broken Jug”– An Interview with Kathleen Carr

    SACRED ART SCENE ORIGINAL -- Catholic Art Guild's President and Founder, Kathleen Carr, is an artist with a passion for restoring the sacred in the visual arts. In this interview, Kathleen discusses her hope for the Catholic Art Guild.

    On November 30, 2017
  • St. John Cantius Church
    Beauty 5

    Restoring the Sacred: Catholic Art Guild’s Conference and My First Latin Mass

    SACRED ART SCENE ORIGINAL -- The Catholic Art Guild is a lay apostolate seeking the "restoration of the Sacred" in the visual arts. Their mission is to support artists in offering their gifts for the greater glory of God. Their conference brought together the world’s leading philosophers, architects and artists to rediscover the power of beauty in the modern world.

    On November 10, 2017
  • Resurrection
    Prayer 0

    Meditation on the Resurrection

    SACRED ART SCENE ORIGINAL -- Enjoy this prayer card designed by Sacred Art Scene. A meditation on the first glorious mystery: the resurrection of our Lord.

    On April 18, 2017

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