Aug 28 Sacred Art Scene Summaries Across the Web

Some recent articles about sacred art, summarized for you!

cardinal-63163_1920The Art of Vestments

Source: Liturgical Arts Journal — Vestments, or the liturgical garments worn by clergy, are often times overlooked as art forms within churches. Shawn R. Tribe discusses the importance of “investing” in vestments that are worthy of leaving a legacy and being passed down for years to come.


lion-3576045_1920Roaring with Laughter

Source: ChurchPOP — If you need a good laugh, check out these attempts at painting lions. The lion is a symbol commonly used to represent St. Mark. You’ve probably seen them in paintings before. But, have you seen these?

malta-1910173_1920A Beautiful, Modern Fresco in Malta

Source: Catholic Herald — A new fresco was unveiled in a church in Paola, Malta by artist Manuel Farrugia. While contemporary art can sometimes miss the mark, according to Father Alexander Lucie-Smith, this provides an example of modern art that is beautiful and fitting for a church.


Brooklyn_Museum_-_The_Holy_Stair_(La_Scala_Sancta)_-_James_TissotRepairing the Sanctuary of the Holy Stairs

Source: Catholic News Service — The Sanctuary of the Holy Stairs has been undergoing restoration for the past 20 years. The Holy Stairs, believed to be the steps Jesus climbed prior to crucifixion, are surrounded by frescoes also undergoing transformation. The dark frescoes will be brought back to colorful life and the central staircase should be restored by the end of 2018, writes Carol Glatz.

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