St. Francis de Sales Oratory
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“March Madness” For Churches

What if everyone got as excited about Catholic Churches as they do about basketball? Art & Liturgy created its own version of a March Madness bracket, using gorgeous photos of Catholic Churches. Anyone could go to the site and vote for which church they thought was most beautiful. It was a lighthearted contest with rounds such as, “Theological 32,” “Stunning 16.” “Ecclesiastical 8,” “Faithful 4,” and wait for it… “National Churchpionship!”

Patrick Murray, Author of Art & Liturgy, writes:

My hope for Church Madness is to show that really, genuinely beautiful churches, worthy and fitting homes for Our Lord, are attainable here, today —  not just in Paris or Rome or Madrid, but Omaha and Boise and Buffalo.

With 17,860 votes cast, the winner of the 2017 Church Madness was St. Francis de Sales Oratory in St. Louis, MO. This post shows the outside of the church. But, you’ll have to check out Art & Liturgy to see photos of the inside, as well as the runner-ups! So, take a break from looking at cats on Instagram, and check it out. It’s too late to vote this year, but you might get some ideas for churches to visit near you.

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